Thursday, October 27, 2011

REVERSE Nesting?

So, we've all heard the term "nesting" in regards to when pregnant mothers begin to get the house ready for the new baby. Cleaning, doing laundry, yelling at our husbands to finish half started house projects, these are all common signs of "nesting." I had my share of nesting. My husband may even say I nested BEFORE I was even pregnant. I don't think buying baby toys on clearance to store them in my closet before knowing I was pregnant really counts as nesting...more like crazy? haha (Okay, I know that there are others that do this too, don't lie!)

Anyways, I'm digressing. When I "nested" I apparently made a whole list titled "Cr*p that needs to get done before the baby comes" and e-mailed it to my husband. Well, 2 days later, (and a whole month early) Sophia came, and my list never was completed. This was my first lesson I learned as a mom. "When it comes to having children, you can plan, but 99% of the time, things aren't going to work exactly as planned." So there was my short lived nesting phase when it came to my daughter.

Well, for those of you that don't know, starting in October, I went back to work 2 days a week, to ease myself back into my full time job. Well, next week, the week of October 31st, I start 5 days a week, full time. Well, this past week, on one of my days off, my husband came home an hour early, and caught me on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor of the kitchen. We're talking moved the breakfast table and chairs into the other room, and really getting the floor clean. He took one look at me and said, " this reverse nesting?"

Now, in the context of things, I don't think he meant quite what he was saying because when I initially thought of "reverse nesting" I thought it meant not getting things ready, or being lazy (I almost took the spatula from the kitchen counter and beat him over the head with it, if that was his intention of what it meant.) But, he went on to say "Is this where you go crazy and get everything neat and tidy before going back to work." You know, I think it was.

So, although the term "Reverse Nesting" can seem odd, I like the sound of it. So I fully admit to my reverse nesting phase. *Hopefully* I will get a clean house out of this!

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Mrs.JSM07 said...

Please feel free to try your reverse nesting over at my house!! I got one day of nesting in and cleaned the kitchen, but that was wks ago!! I've been sitting here all day in my pj's hoping to feel that nesting urge to clean, yep still waiting... and waiting... Lol.

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