Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A day in the life of a working mom: Pre Tax Season

Things have been crazy in the Millikan household. Between work, making/selling bows, the holidays, things have been completely packed!

I figured now would be a great time to list my daily schedule now that I'm a working mom. And I HAVE to be on some type of schedule to stay sane, so here it is.... A weekday in the life of a working mom:

5:30am Alarm goes off, and I wake up baby to eat
5:30am-6:00am Sophia eats
6:00am-6:45am Sophia goes back to her crib to rest/play, while I get dressed and do my hair/make-up
6:45am-7:00am Me/my husband (Ian) changes Sophia's diaper, dresses her in something acceptable (this step gets skipped if we run out of time...pj's at grandmas is alright attire! :)
7:00am-7:15am I wash and sterilize bottles/pump parts and pack up my Medela Pump in Style bag, packing an ice bag in a cooler.
7:15am-7:30am Drop Sophia off
7:30am-8:00am Ian and I carpool to work downtown.
8:00am-5:00pm WORK
5:00pm-5:45pm Ian and I drive home
5:45pm-6:00pm Pick up Sophia
6:00pm-6:30pm Hang out at home, relax, grab a snack
6:30pm feed dogs
6:30pm- Check work e-mail
7:00pm- feed Sophia oatmeal and her veggie of the day (see picture)
7:00pm-7:45pm Sophia naps while I cook dinner for Ian and I
7:45pm-8:00pm Ian and I eat,while Sophia wakes up and plays
8:00pm-8:30pm I shower while Ian does tummy time with Sophia
8:30pm diaper change and play time with Sophia
9:00pm- put Sophia down to bed (Ian showers)
9:00pm-10:00pm TV watching time/cleaning up the living room/house
10:00pm-10:15pm wash and sterilize some pump parts
10:15-10:30 pump before bed
10:30pm-5:30pm Sleep


This will be my schedule until January 15th, and then it will be completely different, as instead of 40-45 hours a week, I will be working 50-65 hours a week. I'll be sure to post that once I work out the kinks....

Being a working mom is stressful, hard and BUSY, but I wouldn't change it for the world! My career and my daughter keep me motivated to wake up and repeat this schedule day after day.

And, when I feel exhausted from a long day, I get to come home to this....


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To poop or not to poop....

So I never thought I’d be so verbal about poop or talking about poop. But, as a mom, that 4 letter word is FREQUENT in your vocabulary. From the moment your child is born, they tell you to track your baby’s poop; the number of times a day, the color, texture, odor. It’s insane how much more you can tolerate once you have a kid. They literally gave us a picture chart of different types of poop. We’d match it up and log it in our book.

Well, a newborn infant poops constantly the first few months of life (especially a breastfed one). There were times Sophia did close to 10 times a day, so you realize my concern that my daughter (this weekend) has now gone over 48 hours without pooping!

Any moment…I’m sitting here waiting…and thank God for the internet. I google the craziest things (I only wish that I can go back and review everything I’ve googled since she was born) but yes I googled “My 4 month old hasn’t pooped in 2 days” and I got hits! It seems that as a mother, no matter what you are thinking, someone else has asked that same question.

It’s nice to know we are not alone fellow mommies! Let’s just hope I’m not alone when her no poop streak ends……

Monday, December 5, 2011

A new holiday tradition

Friday the husband and I decided to start our first holiday tradition as a family. We want to make decorating special for Sophia, and have decided to declare a whole night dedicated to decorating the house, in our PJ's after eating breakfast for dinner, scrambled eggs, pancakes and bacon.

I think it will be pretty fun tradition! I can't wait until Sophia is old enough to hang her own ornaments. This year we settled for her napping by the tree while we decorated. :)

What fun traditions does your family have?

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