Monday, August 18, 2014

Crazy Hair Day

It was crazy hair day at school today.......and I forgot. 
I dropped the kids off at school, and once I got to work, my outlook reminder popped up "crazy hair day, 30 minutes overdue!" Son of a....
You might not know the severity of the issue here, but I forgot it was crazy hair day! I had all these grand plans. It was supposed to be a morning that I could spend 20 extra minutes with my daughter, instead of rushing through the house like a crazy person making sure everyone has socks and shoes on. I visioned Sophia and I making crazy faces at each other in the mirror, while singing Disney tunes...It was supposed to be a day where I could do something extra for my child, where Sophia's friends would say "oh man, your hair is awesome! Who did that?" MOM DID Sophia would scream with excitement, and then right there I would get bonus mommy points... Points I've felt quite often I haven't been earning through the craziness of work, and the sheer exhaustion of having a toddler and infant.
I forgot crazy hair I a bad mom?

The pipe cleaners I bought, would not be used, and Sophia's dark curls would not be braided into the craziness that I had planned. I failed.....

After I got home from school I was afraid to open the door, but I did, and there she was. Instead of a disappointed child, I saw a little girl who screamed "mommy I missed you!" And then she gave me the biggest hug ever. In that moment I realized, I may forget crazy hair day, I may not be skilled enough to make sandwiches into faces (I'm learning though), I may not have gotten the month by month picture in the same outfit (6 months out of the first year isn't too shabby), my daughters pig tails might not be even and her pony tail quite often has a few bumps (more than I can count).....but I'm the best mommy she's ever known, and I get points for trying, right?

Over the past year I should have learned that there are more important things to be worried about and that I should be counting how blessed I am. I'm going to try and be better at that. And, if I should remember a crazy hair day or two, that will just be that much sweeter....

Tomorrow is wear your favorite color to school day.....I've got this!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We all are working mothers

You've heard the term used over and over.. "Working mom" there is even a magazine devoted to it (great magazine by the way) and by definition we assume it is a female who is a mom, who has a job or a career. People call me that all the time, but recently when I talk about my experiences with my job, I do NOT refer to myself as a working mom, I tend to use the phrase "as a mom who works out of the home."

Yes, it's a mouthful, but look, I do not consider a mom who chooses to stay home with her child as someone who doesn't work. Heck that mom probably has many days where she works so hard you don't see a difference between the work of career and of keeping things together at home.

Here's to all the moms! We are ALL working mothers, and whether we work outside our home, or work alongside our little ones, we all deserve a bonus, a pat on the back, or just a sweet hug from our precious little ones. Yes, I'll take that hug over a pat on the back any day!

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