About Us

My husband and I have been happily married since June 30, 2007. Having past the 6 year mark, we have realized there has been so many memories that we have shared, and now want to make sure to share those memories with our loved ones!
I've been working as a CPA at a public accounting firm since graduating Virginia Tech in 2006.
Our daugther is our tiny blessing from God, and our first child. Born July 27, 2011 she is a new member of our family, but we look forward to all the joys (and trials) that parenthood has to offer.
I started writing this blog the year she was born to help get me through the long nights, and the stressful days as a working mom. Putting in 60-70 hours during tax season is exhausting, but coming home to my beautiful daughter makes it all worth while.
I love blogging about the fun things I do with my daughter, and the crafts and activities I do to make my days so exciting and fun. I also enjoy reading the journey's of other moms (both working and not working). There is so much we can learn from each other, and I can't wait to continue to share in my experiences as a working mom, and learn from others experiences in mommyhood.
As we embark on our next chapter (baby #2 is due in October 2013) I hope to share many more memories with friends, family, and those stumbling across this blog.
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