Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Best Hair Product for color treated hair? Joico color balance blue review

First, let me start off by saying I've been wanting to color my hair for a LONG time. My husband so lovingly told me he loves my hair just the way it is, without color. But, I read between the lines and know in reality, he just doesn't want me to spend $200 every 4 months (Let's get real).
Recently I was given the opportunity to get my hair colored while doing a shoot for a magazine, and lo and behold, my husband loved it (granted the costs were covered) but since then hes come to terms that coloring my hair is probably enevitable and we've both agreed that it would be a fine investment.

Look at me using words like investment! Well, it is in a sense. I spent a decent amount getting some color done. I normally have dark dark brown hair, and I chose to lighten it up, no easy task for most brunettes. I had an amazing stylist here in Richmond that did a beautiful job. Hair color can change due to a lot of things like heat, the sun, cleansing products, chlorine, and I needed to follow up and care for my investment with a great shampoo and conditioner. I didn't want to spend a great amount but I knew I had to up my product (and definitely not use the $1 shampoo my husband swears by).

After much searching I purchased the Joico color balance blue shampoo and conditioner. First off this line has specific product for the coloring you have had done to your hair. This blue line was for lightened brown hair to keep it from turning orange/brassy in color. This was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted my light brown and blonde color to stay that way for as long as possible.

The product is very interesting. The shampoo is dark blue and the conditioner is light blue. The shampoo had a light smell that was very pleasant (I usually like strong smelling shampoos) but that was fine because the conditioner smells great and has a stronger scent. For some reason I thought it smelled like strawberry bananas, it was nice!

The shampoo is a really bright blue color. This I guess makes sense because I'm sure there's a pigmentation correction going on with the lightening and the blue. I'm not a scientist, but it made me think there was some scientific reason for this. It left some blue pigmentation on my hand after, but nothing an extra hand wash wouldn't take care of for the most part. (So if you've just gotten a French manicure, I'm not 100% sure how the blue pigment would react to that).

I lightly blow dried my hair and I can honestly say I like the results. Now this is a toner shampoo so it can be drying, but I used this with the conditioner and my hair feels great! It's definitel not super sleek/soft, but there's some texture. I truly feel like the color of my hair is defined but in a softened way (in a good way) it looks great in lightening, and no brassy undertones. Granted, this is just one wash, but all in all I'm very pleased!

I would totally recommend this product line. It's definitely important to protect the investment you put into your hair, and if you can do this without it costing you a small fortune, that's nice too!

Update: I waited 2 weeks before posting this and I still love how my color is lasting! Definitely repurchasing!

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