Friday, May 1, 2015

Simplifying Life: Closet Hacks- Outfit Organization

Laundry and clothes seem to consume my world every week. I like getting the clothes organized and clean and put away. With a 3 year old and a 1 year old, I feel like I"m going through the closet every month to organize what's in season, what's not, what is too small, and what they don't have.

My dear husband who is so wonderful in so many ways, sometimes struggles in the matching clothes department (for the kids at least). I've tried many things, like hanging outfits together, giving him some examples, but it never fails... the kids come downstairs in camo pants and a striped shirt. Again, I'm not complaining (okay maybe I am). I appreciate his desire to get the kids up and dressed, but I wanted to find a better way that would make mornings quick and easy for all of us. So I decided to pull something together that will make morning dressing time easy while keeping the closet organized. I bought a $6 shoe organizer from Wal-mart, and broke out the cricut cutter and some vinyl for labels, and it was complete.

We are in an akward season right now where its rainy some days, but kind of sunny and hot others, so for now I've organized it by type of top and bottom. "long sleeved and pants" or "short sleeves and pants." I ball up a pair of socks, and voila an outfit! Hoodies and jackets and dressier clothes I still hang up, but the main outfits are organized into pockets. I decided for now to only do this for my 1 year old. My daughter loves picking out her clothes and I want to give her the opportunity to express herself each morning, however my 1 year old isn't quite into that yet. It is fun every morning to have him point to the pocket he wants to wear, so in a sense I'm giving him some options, but I don't have to think about it.

when putting away laundry I put together an outfit (with socks)....
pile them together.....
and roll them up. They stay unwrinkled too!

 So far I love this set up! As we pack for vacation it makes it so simple, and everything is rolled and ready to go into luggage. Heck I might roll the whole organize up for longer trips and put both children's clothes into pockets and make getting ready on vacation a breeze!

As the weather irons out and is more stable, I may switch it to "daycare" and "weekend" outfits. (Life at school can be fun and messy, so sometimes I get selective on what gets sent to school) My daughter right now is learning how to cut with scissors.. but she keeps cutting towards herself, which means lots of holes in her shirts....*sigh* she'll get it one day!

How do you organize your children's clothes, and what system works for you?

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