Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mommy, CPA

Today was my first full day back at work. I'm working Tuesdays/Thursdays in October, before going back 5 days a week in November. I'm a CPA, (a certified public accountant). I work on taxes, tax return, tax planning and compliance. (Don't everyone get jealous!) I LOVE what I do though, and the people I work with. And, I like to think I'm good at what I do, so I enjoy it (plus it helps pay the bills, buy more toys for Sophia, and a few new pairs of shoes here and there.....once a month.....okay...sometimes weekly).

It feels like yesterday I was sitting at my desk at work, and my water broke, and shortly after I met my beautiful little Sophia. Well, now, 2 months later, it is time for me to get back to work. It was a hard morning. Not only was I unsure of the feeding schedule for the night (I have just done all of the night feeding, since Ian had to be well rested for his job, and I would rest during the day), I wasn't sure of how the day would turn out. We tested out a schedule where I feed a 11pm bottle, and Ian wakes up at 4am to do a feeding so I could sleep through the night. Well, 4am rolled around, and Sophia was not liking daddy duty, and cried for what seemed like 30 minutes straight. I could not sleep knowing she was unhappy, so I was awake, too. Night time schedule day 1: FAIL.

Fortunately for us, my mother in law has agreed to watch Sophia for the next 6-7 months. Then, Sophia will start daycare June 1st. It would be a great transition for me, and it seems that Grandma (aka Nannie) was more than thrilled to have more one on one time with baby girl. Win-Win. Well, Nannie asked me to write down Sophia's schedule.

SCHEDULE? Ummm.... thinking back, Sophia HAD no schedule. I fed her on demand when she was hungry (3-6 times during the working day depending on how hungry she was). She slept when she was tired and I was doing some chores around the house, I played with her when she was awake and I had the house semi cleaned. THERE WAS NO SCHEDULE... so what did I do? I guessed. I figured Sophia would get into a schedule eventually.

The morning was off to a good start. I woke up on time, got myself ready, woke up my sweet pea, spent 10 minutes just hugging and kissing her (to make up for the hugs and kisses I'd miss during the day), and got my stuff together. So.... I had my laptop bag, my purse, my snacks, my breakfast, my coffee, my pump, HOW ON EARTH WAS I GOING TO CARRY EVERYTHING IN? "You can take two trips" Ian said. No way, I was not walking through the parking garage, into the lobby, and up the elevator twice. I already was going to miss out on work time having to pump every 3 hours. I was just going to "European Vacation It." A term I coined when we went on our MMediterranean cruise and had to walk 5 miles with all of our luggage tossed over our shoulders, and on our backs. Oh, I have pictures, and it is ridiculous!

Most of my day was spent getting things back to normal. First, I noticed the coffee cups had changed, we now had biscotti biscuits in the break room, I had a new phone, we had a new phone system, I had a new computer, we finally got a color laser print. OH MY GOSH, everything was different. Learning all of the new systems/phones/computers/printers kept me busy, but I still thought about Sophia and what she was doing.....

I will always wonder what new things she was learning, did she miss me? Did she do something new today? Did I miss a milestone?

But... I will always think back to why I am a working mom. I'm very invested in my career, my coworkers are like family, and as Ian has reminded me "If you don't go back to work...we'll never afford to take Sophia to Disney World." So... I salute you Mickey Mouse, for being (one) of my motivations to continue to be strong.

Life as a working mom, here we go.....

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