Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Bow For Every Outfit

That's my goal, to have some sort of bow that goes with everything Sophia wears. It may be far fetched, but I can at least try right? After spending countless hours on Etsy, and buying bows here and there, I developed the genious idea that I was going to make bows. It can't be too hard right?

Well, this coming Saturday I will let you know because I signed up for a bow making class. I'm hoping with this knowledge, and the JoAnn Fabrics down the street, I can make my dream come true...a bow for every outfit :)

Well, I've already developed quite a stash of bows, and I wanted to make sure I knew where they were at all times, so I wanted to make my own bow holder. Sounds simple enough right? I'd seen them online for purchase, but wanted to see if I could make one to match the nursery so I went to my Michaels and picked up the following supplies

*A wooden Plaque
*A wooden letter S
*Some Ribbon (I think I got a yard of ribbon)
*2 wooden shapes (as weights)
*Super glue/wood glue (which I already had)
*The paints we used in the nursery

It probably took me about 20 minutes. (I don't like doing many things that don't have some sort of instant satisfaction, I tend to get bored) BUT, 20 minutes later and I was done. SO, if I can do this, anyone can.

Here is the finished product! The only problem doesn't fit (anywhere close) to all of Sophia's bows, so I'll have to develop some sort of rotation. The neat thing about bows is that I've ordered all of my bows on alligator clips, then I have a stash of headbands, and I can clip these bows on the headband of my choosing.

Happy Crafting!


...Yvonne said...

love it :) You're so crafty!

sarah said...

This is the homemade item I was attempting to make Sophia except I went bananas and was trying to make a tutu bow holder. I'm also an instant gratification person and this project takes a lot more time and patience :) so boomers it was!

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