Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dear Michaels, I miss you

Recently I wrote an e-mail to Michaels, the store. I use to frequent that store weekly, but since having Sophia, I haven't really gone into the store, and I finally realized why.
I decided to write them so they would understand why I and some others may (consciously or subconsciously) avoid their store.
SO, this is evidence that if a change is made, it may possibly be because of this e-mail I just wrote. (PS. this proves how much of a dork I am, since I'm spending the time writing this e-mail, and then of course a blog about the

"Michaels! I just want to say I LOVE your store, and your SpookyTown collection gets my husband and I in every year. I do want to communicate a recent change in my life that has caused me to not be able to shop in your store as frequently. As a marketing major in college I studied the trends of consumers, and when I realized what I was actually doing, why I was beginning to avoid your store, I decided I HAD to let you know (in case others subconsciously were avoiding it as well).

I recently had a baby. Upon entering your store for the first time I realized I could not fit my child's car seat into your shopping cart basket. Your baskets are TOO small. "Big Deal" one might think, but it WAS a big deal. Not being able to place my daughter safely inside the large part of the shopping cart meant I had to lug around the entire car seat with baby in it. Too heavy, it caused me to wander around the store for 2 minutes and then leave. I haven't been back since because when I went to JoAnn Fabrics the car seat fit into the stroller, and I spent a whole hour strolling around a nice quiet sleeping baby.

So, over the past few weeks when I've had the need for crafts, I have only gone to JoAnns. The main purpose being because my car seat fits into my cart.

As a mom it's too much effort to take my infant child out of her car seat to go into a store, and if she is sleeping, no way will I take her out of it! Popping her in the stroller makes a quick trip in a one stop store a nightmare (as the effort to uncollapse and collapse the stroller is an extra step, and it is hard to maneuver around the aisle with a stroller and a basket). I save the stroller for the mall.

So, this is my friendly request. Consider making your shopping baskets a little bigger so I can again enjoy my weekly trips to your store!

So my bloggie friends, if Michaels ends up getting bigger baskets, this may in fact be my one and only claim to fame. Here's to big baskets, being lazy and placing our carseats in them!

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