Thursday, October 6, 2011

1 week down

So I finished my first week back at work! I did all the typical first week things like:
  • Bring in pictures of my child
  • Talk to other people about how I'm doing back at work
  • Change my wallpaper on my computer to one of her
  • Surf my phone to scan through pictures of her every few hours
and yes, I did call to check in on her. :) And yes, that did involve my mother in law placing the phone to my child's ear, and me explaining to my 2 month old that I missed her, and will be picking her up soon.
I realize that ALL of these things, I did for me, to make me feel better, and survive my day.

So in the end this week was a success. One thing I think I learned is that the majority of the time I need Sophia more than she needs me. When she's with her grandma, or at daycare, she learns, gets attention, plays, and has a great time. I just keep telling myself she is fine, safe, happy and learning. I couldn't ask for anything more.

So yes, I do need my child more than she needs me, but you know what.....that's okay :)

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