Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fan Question: What do I miss most?

Here's a new post where I answer questions that people have submitted to me!

Our first question is: What do you miss most about your daughter while you are at work?

Awesome question, and although there are MANY things I miss about my daughter while at work, the one that is always on the back of my mind is what she is doing. Is she doing something new? Have I missed an important milestone?
I've come to terms that I will miss a few things. I may miss her first step, or her first giggle. But, someone will be there to see it, and it will be someone that will help her develop that skill. As long as she is growing and learning, I am content. I will see those steps, and I will hear that giggle. It may not be the first ones, but I'll aim to hear the most giggles, by trying to make her laugh, and see the most steps, by playing with her outside, and that's something I look forward to every day :)

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