Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bow Making 101: Fabric Bow-double layer folded

So here is my first instructions on how to make hair bows! First, I'm going to show you step by step instructions to make a double layer folded fabric bow. (I totally just made that name up, I don't know what it's ACTUALLY called, but just work with me here....)

Please note this is the FIRST time I have made this bow, and I'm taking pictures along the way, and obviously making mistakes. I'm not ashamed to admit it! :) So I don't think the final product is going to win any awards, but hopefully it will be a fun project for others, and maybe I'll get better at it!

PS. Please ignore my absolutely horrid chipped nail polish. I'm way overdue for a manicure...obviously....

  • Fabric- one color or two colors. You don't need much, maybe 3 inches by 20 inches of one color (base color) and 2 inches by 8 inches of another color (top color)
  • glue gun, craft glue (for this demo I'm using super glue because that is what I had, but I don't recommend super glue because it can be dangerous, hard to work with.
  • white thread
  • Scissors
  • a hand sewing needle
  • a small piece of felt
  • ribbon (to wrap alligator clip) Grosgrain ribbon works well
  • Alligator clip
  • circle templates 2.5 inch and 1.5 inch in diameter
  • Button cover kit

Step 1: using your templates, cut out (7) 2.5 inch circles with you base fabric, and (4) 1.5 inch circles with your top fabric. Cut a slit halfway through each one. (pretend there is 7 orange circles instead of 6 in the picture below

 Step 2: Fold each orange piece over into triangles by 6ths, folding it into opposite directions. It should look like a bunch of "S"'s bunched up.

 Step 3: Sew each bunch onto the small round piece of felt. (you only need to sew them on in the middle of the felt.

Step 4: Do the same with the top layer, except fold in 4th's and sew together.

Step5: Make your fabric button (see back of cover button box for instructions) and sew button onto top. (You can really use any embellishment on the top.
Step 6: To attach to the alligator clip, first cover the alligator clip with the white ribbon using your glue (it will make the flower hold onto it longer), then glue the flower to the clip!

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Lindsay said...

So cute! You need an Etsy shop! :)

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