Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fisher Price Iphone Toy: Good or Bad?

So I recently stumbled across an interesting baby/toddler toy made by Fisher Price. They are calling it the new chatterbox phone. See exhibit A..The old school child friendly plastic phone:

Exhibit B, the new age "chatterbox" Toy made by Fisher Price:

 It's a case you place your iPhone in so that your child can play kid friendly apps. It features a mirror on the back, textured handles, childproof case with a plastic screen cover (no more worrying the child will drop and break/crack the phone), a cover to the home button (so the child cannot leave the game and go to your address book or phone, and accidentally call your boss), as well as a cover for the on/off button and volume buttons.

There are child friendly apps included in the case like the ‘Chatter Phone’ application, on which children can pretend to call various characters. When the child dials the police on the app, a character says, ‘Hello! I’m Pete the police officer, I keep everyone safe. Fisher Price is not new to the iDevice market. There are currently several iPhone apps available for download in the App Store with three free downloadable Laugh & Learn apps coming soon.

Do you think this is going too far? Should your child be allowed to play with your $200-$400 device?

My two cents- if you've already gone down the road of allowing your child to play with your iPhone, or play games on your phone, this product is GENIOUS, and you must get one!
On the other hand, I have yet to introduce my child to my other child (my precious iphone) and hope to keep it that way! The last thing I need is someone screaming "mine! mine!" and have a meltdown every time I pull that thing out. She should do what kids did years ago.....go look at some books, or play with some blocks!!

However, I'm sure I will succumb her desire to play with mommy's toy, and when I do, this will be in my Amazon shopping cart....

Way to go Fisher Price!

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