Sunday, August 4, 2013

To blog or not to blog

I think I need to start posting again! I've (oddly) found my spare time again, and I think it's time to share stories with friends, and to get back into the blogging community.

New things happening....

I'm pregnant, again. I am officially 29 weeks pregnant today, and actually I just turned 29 years old this week!) We found out it's a boy, so our little 2 year old girl will have a little brother. We are beyond excited! My due date is October 20th, but if baby boy decides to come as early as Sophia did, we could be looking at a September baby.

In the past year since I've posted, we've moved to a new house, and we are starting some bathroom renovations, so I'll need to post updates once that starts this week. I'm still working full time as a tax manager for a public accounting firm as a CPA. My 65-70 hour work weeks during tax season die down after April, and I tend to work more of a 40-45 work week the rest of the year. My weeks are BUSY, but I'm getting the hang of being a full time mommy and full time employee. This blog is my way to get in touch with other mommy's (both working and stay at home). I learn so much from those around me, and I think not matter what your lifestyle choice is (to work, or stay home full time) we all have amazing moments, and stressful moments, and we all do what's best for us, our families, and our children, and I think that's such an amazing thing to hear about from everyone!

Things to do before baby boy arrives in 6-11 weeks:
*Move Sophia to a big girl bed and bedroom
*Finish up baby boys nursery
*Finish the upstairs bath, and move from the downstairs master to upstairs
*Turn the downstairs bedroom into a play room (so that I can have my living room back, and end the stepping on toys, and mashing of crayons into my nice family room carpet.

Can this all be done..... stay tuned!!!


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