Sunday, August 18, 2013

DIY: A (Sliding) Gate for my Deck

My daughter is running around like crazy, so my husband and I figured it was time to fence up the top of the deck stairs. We have a walk out basement, so the deck has long steep stairs to get to the yard. The stairs turn an awkward way, so we didn't want a swinging gate. We couldn't have it swing towards the house, because we usually keep our deck table and chairs right there, and we couldn't have it swing towards the steps because that would make it awkward for someone walking up to open, so I wanted a sliding gate.

I saw a lot of examples of people building their own wooden gates on their deck, but they were all swinging gates, so I told my engineer husband (and his very handy father) that they needed to build something. And they did it!

It probably took them 2 hours or so, and cost $65 worth of materials, which was more than I initially thought I wanted to spend, but for my daughter, (and future son's sake) price was not an issue.

I think it turned out pretty good. It's on wheels, and it glides and locks smoothly.

So, in case anyone is wondering what a sliding, on wheels, DIY wooden deck gate looks like, here it is!
 Above is the gate when it is "open"
 Above is the gate when it is "closed." A wooden strip was put along the brackets to avoid anyone from bumping into the brackets. The brackets aren't the most glamorous thing, but I don't think I'm entering a beautiful deck railing contest any time soon. And the gate itself looks really great!
The last picture above is from the other side, where you can see the latch.

All in all, I am very impressed with my husband and his fathers building skills. They did this from scratch without any instructions, so unfortunately I don't have step by step instructions for anyone. But, I think this is one of those things that if you see a picture, you can pretty much pick out the pieces, and build this from scratch too.



David Larkin said...

Took them 2 hours or so, cost $65 worth of materials, and that’s pretty much it? Oh wow! Your husband’s and father-in-law’s building skills are truly impressive. You must suggest experimenting on how many more DIY they can build on your home. Kidding! Haha! David @ DAL Builders

Angela Rzepecki said...

Do you know where they found the hardware and what hardware was used?

John Smilek said...

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Ceci said...

This sounds great, I really want a sliding gate.

Vince said...

good job here...creative answer to a less than ideal situation. Nice.

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