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August 2013: My Wantable subscription review

So, into my latest obsession....subscription boxes. For those of you who do not know, subscription boxes (which are provided by many different companies for many different products) allow you to subscribe (usually monthly) to a box (whether it be beauty, child, food, art, or another theme) and every month you receive a nice package of goodies. Most subscription services provide samples, and some subscriptions offer full size products.

My first box I decided on subscribing to (after much research) is "Wantable." This is a beauty subscription box, and one of the higher priced monthly subscriptions, but way worth it (in my opinion). For $36 a month (or $40 if you only want 1 month), you get a box filled with 4-6 full sized higher end (however you define that) beauty products.

The reason I went with a make-up beauty box was mostly because of my busy schedule. Between work, and spending time with my daughter, cooking, cleaning the house, making time for friends and family, I have very little time to shop. When it comes to my make up routine it usually goes like this:
I have my favorite foundation and powder that I order (usually online) when I run out, but my other make up products (blush, eyeshadow, bronzer, primer, eye liner, mascara, etc) I usually purchase on a whim. This usually revolves around a trip to Ulta every 2 months, where I snoop around at all the pretty boxes of products, ask for a bit of advice, and drop $200 on a handful of items. I repeat this process every 2 months, and spend A LOT on make up.

Then comes Wantable. I can subscribe for $36 a month, and receive 4-6 full sized products (guaranteed to have a value of $80-$100) from very nice and elite make up companies, and I don't even need to set foot out my door. When you apply you fill out a survey and state your loves, likes, and dislikes. Your profile is tailored to what you want, and your box is customized to those wants. It's like heaven. Okay, here is what I got this month, for my first box (of many):

1. "be a Bombshell Bronzer" in Tanorexic (value $16)
I needed a bronzer really bad and this color really looks great. I think it can double as a blush as well. It has a great texture, and goes on smoothly without being to dark, I can really build it up.
2. Cailyn Eye Primer (value $15)
How did they know I needed primer? Mine had just run out. I have interesting eyelids. I think they are because of my Asian background, but I'm not sure. When I wear eyeshadow my eye lids get oily or sweat or something. My eyeshadow then gets creasy (I don't think this is a word...), my eyeliner merges with my eyeshadow, its a HUGE mess. Enter eye primer. This makes my eye shadow stick, and it stops the creasing and eyelid sweating (or whatever it is). This primer blends in well, and I will definitely be using this product every day under my eye shadow.
3."Cailyn Mineral Pressed Eyeshadow" in cloud (value $15)
This eye shadow is kind of shimmery and sheen, but builds well. It gives a hint of shimmer, and works well under my brow line. I found that rubbing it on makes it clump a little, but when i do more of a patting motion, it looks flawless.
4. Japonesque Flat Eyeliner Brush (value $11)
5. Japonesque Smudger Brush (value $14.50)
I love brushes and tools, and the Japonesque brand is one of the best! They last, and they really allow your product to be applied well, and evenly. The Flat eyeliner brush is perfect for "push eyeliner" which is a technique I saw in a video made by a make up artist (You Tube Video)
6. Michael Marcus Mascara in black (value $24)
I love mascara, and am so happy I received a new mascara in my box. I'm not familiar with the Michael Marcus brand, but I'm excited to have my first product. The mascara builds well, and I haven't had any issues with clumping. Coordinate this with my liner using the push eyeliner technique, and I really see a big difference in the look of my eyes!
7. Echo Vie Organic Body Oil Sample (value $0 because it was a sample)
This smells delightful! It says it can be used after you get out of a shower as a moisturizer, or even as a massage oil, bath oil, or in my hair. I haven't used this yet, but I'm sure I'll find time to test it out.
This just shows the bronzer and the eye shadow color against my skin. Both products go on very smooth, and build very well!
This box was AMAZING, and everything I would have picked out for myself . My first box with Wantable was a home run. I can't wait until September, as their fall boxes start coming out. This is a subscription I will be keeping for a long time.
If you are interested in subscribing to Wantable, you can sign up through this referral link at: Wantable Subscription
If you sign up through my link I think I get $10 off my next months order, which I would greatly appreciate to fund this addition. If you don't want to give me credit (and I'll only cry a little bit) you can just go to their website and sign up that way. Either way I definitely recommend this subscription box.
I hope you enjoyed this unveiling of my first box! I know I've enjoyed this month, and can't wait until September!

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