Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rocksbox: It's like Netflix for Designer Jewelry

I love buying jewelry, although my bank account doesn't at times. The thing about jewelry is I have a few pieces in my closet that I LOVE, and the rest I like, but I keep forgetting to wear them, so they sit in my jewelry organizer collecting dust, and I end up wearing the same pieces over and over again because they are my standard go to pieces.

Enter Rocksbox. It's a monthly designer jewelry subscription service. You get to fill out a survey to describe what styles you like. For example I had selected I like work appropriate gold or silver pieces, no leather or feathers (not really my thing). I selected the color schemes I usually like, and then they have you select stores that you are most likely to find jewelry you like (so they get a feel for your taste).

When your first box ships, you get 3 pieces of jewelry. They differ between rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. I believe you usually get 3 different types (so like, you wouldn't get 3 rings in a box). The total jewelry value each month varies but can be $150-$200 or more! These are high quality pieces from many carefully selected designers. The box includes a receipt that shows what pieces they sent you, what the cost is, and then the discounted cost (in case you wanted to keep a piece). You can wear these pieces for 1 day, a week, or up to 2 months before you send them back to get a new box. If you want to keep any pieces, just send back what you don't want to keep, and they will charge your card for the discounted price for items you kept. (It's good to note that all pieces you don't want have to be sent back at the same time, so you can't send back only 1 piece, unless you are actually purchasing the other 2).
They provide you a postage paid envelope to return the items, so you don't have to pay any shipping.

Once Rocksbox receives the pieces back you don't want to keep, they will resend another 3 pieces. There is no limit to how many times you can send the box back during the month. I'm still in month 1, so I'll have to update people on the turnaround time to receive the item back, but I'm thinking 3 days to get the box back to the company, and 3 days for them to ship me a new box.

Here is what I received in my FIRST EVER Rocksbox:

My shipment arrived, with a box, a return envelope, an insert card to let me review my pieces (so they can update my profile if I loved or didn't love something) and a sheet with the designer information and prices (not pictured)
 The box was so cute and packaged with a pink ribbon
 The first piece I saw were the Tahitian Holiday Bangles in Ash (it was a blue gray and gold color) by Urban Gem Retail price: $58, Member price: $46.40
I don't usually wear bracelets, but I loved these. they actually opened up so it was easy to get on my wrists, but they were very sturdy, yet light. They made a clanging noise as I worked and walked down the hall, but it was kind of lulling. In the end I didn't keep these because I didn't want to distract too many people at work, but I really enjoyed them, they were fun!
The second piece I opened was the Multi-Bead Gemstone Necklace in Sapphire by Charlene K Retail Price: $110, member price: $88
I didn't really know how to wear this piece. If you notice the clasp isn't in the center of the necklace like you would think, so I think it's supposed to hang off center. But the necklace itself is made kind of symmetrically, so it's one of those things people will come up to you and try to straighten it out if you were to wear it the way I think it was made to wear it. I was a little confused. The necklace itself was gorgeous, and the stone was so pretty.
The last piece I received was the Classic Teardrop Earrings in Denim by Liz Palacios Retail Price: $38, Member Price: $30.40
These look so pretty on, much prettier than you would think just by looking at it. Which is another reason why I love Rocksbox. It forces you to wear things based on what you like. You end up LOVING them on, but may not even know it by looking at it. (does that sound odd? It made sense in my head as I was thinking it....)
Anyways, these added a little extra sparkle to my wardrobe.

All in all, I love this box! I work in a office atmosphere, so I have to dress up for work, and accessories play a big role in my attire. I love the fact that I can wear multiple different pieces, without shelling out a lot of money for everything I'm wearing. And, when I find a piece I love, I can keep it for a discounted price. It also forces me to try things I may not have normally picked out myself because I've heard Rocksbox sometimes knows you better than you even think when it comes to jewelry!

Normally a subscription is $19 a month, but if you use the following referral link you can get your first month free! Rocksbox 1st month free!


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