Thursday, August 8, 2013

Home Renovations: Bathroom Makeover

Our bathroom remodeling starts next week. I'm super excited to get this project started, as I only have 10 weeks until baby boy is due (5 weeks if he decides to come early like Sophia did).

For those that don't know, we moved into our new place last November. (After 5 months trying to close on a short sale, and 3 months in a hotel and/or living with friends with a teething 1 year old) We finally closed on our dream house, and have *almost* settled in. The one thing we knew we had to do before baby #2 came along was to move from the downstairs master, to the upstairs master, so we could all be on the same floor. (I did not want to walk up and down the stairs to feed a crying infant, or help a 2 year old get to the bathroom in the middle of the night, so being on 1 floor was ideal.) However, the upstairs master had a roughed in, unfinished bathroom.

We decided on a contractor, and made all of our selections, and we are ready to rock! I've included some "before" pictures, so you can see what we are working with...pretty much a clean slate which is nice.

Hopefully if all goes well, by the end of September we will be moved into our upstairs master, and the downstairs master will be on it's way into becoming the playroom! My goal for the playroom is by Christmas, but that might be wishful thinking :) I'm in the midst of working on a lot of DIY play room items. As Ian says "The basement looks like a furniture workshop" to that I say "don't interrupt an artist at work!"

The tub is coming out, and a tiled shower is going in

We are working with a very tight space, so we have a lot of custom things going on to make the bathroom as spacious as it can be, including some recessed drawers into that back wall.
I'm excited to see the space transformed into our new bathroom! Lets hope things run smooth, and there are no unseen issues once they dig into the plumbing for the shower.

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