Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DIY: Refurbished Vanity Mirror

During the process of our layout for our new master bath, our goal was to make a smaller bathroom seem bigger, which boiled down to me NOT having a make up vanity like I'd hope. But, my compromising husband promised me a make up vanity in the master bedroom itself (which has a nook with a window).

I wanted something unique, and not "out of the box." So, I started to look through antique stores. For my birthday a few weeks back, my husband bought me a vanity I saw at an antique store, with a matching iron seat with a refinished cushion. I fell in love! It's cream colored, so I wanted to do a cream and gold theme for my make up area. A few weeks later when I found a cream colored lingerie chest at a different antique store (to be used as my make up cabinet) I still needed one last item, a mirror. My vision was a gold/bronze mirror. I went from antique store to antique store, but they were all $200-$300. So, I decided I would take on the task and create my own! My goal, to spend $20 on a mirror and supplies, so here is what I did....

I found a pretty beat up mirror at an antique store. I think the booth was closing, so everything was 75% off. I got this mirror for $12. It seemed like a steal, and just perfect for my budget vanity mirror project.
 I took the mirror and covered it in magazine pages and painters tape. I probably could have used cardboard, or newspaper, but this was what I had nearby, and I was too lazy to go find anything else. Plus, I didn't realize when I did this, but I love the cat photo, it made me smile!

Materials I decided on:
*Krylon Brushed Metal Satin "Champagne" colored spray paint (I used a 50% off 1 regular priced item and got this for about $4 or something at JoAnnes-or something like that)
*Liquid Leaf Paint in "gold" (i used a 50% off 1 regular priced item and got this for about $3)
*A new sponge I got in my stash of new sponges a friend gave me when she moved. I just cut it down.
*Oil based primer left over from another project
First I primed the entire front and sides of the mirror (not the glass of course),
I waited 24 hours for it to dry (even though I think it dries in 5 hours)
Second, I sprayed the entire primed area with the Krylon spray paint (for some reason I thought I took a picture, but I must not have-sorry!) It dries in 1 hour, but it was ice cream and tv show watching for the rest of the night, so I let it set for 24 hours.
Third, I opened my liquid leaf (after shaking it, the liquid separates in the bottle, so you have to shake it to blend it), put my sponge on top, and did a quick shake to get some gold color on my sponge. First I started dabbing at the frame, because I wanted to do a sponge effect, but like most craft projects, something doesn't turn out right, so you find another way! It was kind of inconsistent, so i just started swiping the sponge acrosse the outer rim of the frame. It went on like liquid butter, so easy, and it looked perfect. I swabbed a little bit on the top medalian, and I was done!
Below is my finished project. I think I did a pretty good job for under $20.

Does anyone have any great antique store finds or refurbishing projects they want to share? I'm already itching to find another piece to make over!

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