Friday, November 25, 2011

Rehoboth Beach: A Family Tradition

I've been vacationing to Rehoboth Beach since I met my husband. He introduced me to the place, and I fell in love instantly. There is just something about the town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, the small stores that adjourn the avenue, the awesome restaurants, and the amazing people.

This Thanksgiving we were able to show Sophia Rehoboth, the beach, and all of the fun places Ian and I love seeing while we are up here.

We were so fortunuate to get to have a nice 9 day trip up to Delaware, away from work, and the stress of home life. I had 9 wonderful days with my baby girl, and my 2 dogs, my husband, and family and friends.

If you live on the east coast, definitely look up Rehoboth Beach, DE. If you are looking for a great family friendly beach, clean town, the ability to walk everywhere, Rehoboth is the place to be!

Ian and I are still working on our $1 million idea, so that we can afford a house near the beach.....but until then, we will enjoy the family house. :)

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