Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crap Happens....Literally

So, this morning was an interesting one! I’ve finally got a morning schedule down that works well for my husband and I. However, schedule is not an actual word in baby terms….so I shouldn’t have gotten too excited.

This morning was a little different than most. For starters, Sophia slept through the night! From about 11:30pm until 5:30pm she slept! When my alarm went off at 5:30 I started my normal 30 minute feed for her. I noticed her diaper was completely bone dry. She slept through the night AND didn’t mess her diaper! Then, to my surprise, I removed her clean diaper and propped her on top of the potty (just for a test) and my child peed and took a BIG poop in the toilet!) We are talking baby genius here! This was going to be the most perfect morning ever! (or so I thought)

Because of the excitement of Sophia doing all of these wonderful things, I decided to not take my usual 6-6:15am nap, and jumped in the shower. (I also got spit up on during the feed, so a shower was a must). I was going to be 15 minutes early today! I even had time to pick out a special outfit for my child. Matching pants and onesie, with matching socks, and the cutest purple bow ever! I dressed up my doll baby and sat her in her rock n play where she stared at her bear for 20 minutes. My little angel! (or so I thought)

About 6:58 when we were about to head out the door, my husband handed her to me… “you need to fix this” I took one look at my child and saw, she had poop all over herself, her outfit, everywhere. Instead of getting out of the house at 7:00am, I spent the next 10 minutes scrubbing poop out of her clothes. I would of asked my husband to do it, but his idea of getting rid of poopy clothes is to ACTUALLY GET RID OF THEM…Straight to the trash. I was not going to throw away a good outfit!

Such is life as a mom. A good morning can turn ugly in a blink of an eye…

Anyone have any good soaking/stain remover recipes or products that will get out poop?

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