Monday, November 7, 2011

I miss Sleep

I survived my first full week back to work! Last week was tough. Not only was I sad being away from my little stinker, but juggling my schedule at work, and the fact that Sophia is a 100% breast milk baby, made it extra difficult. I've finally got over my need to call and check in on my child, I know she is in good hands. And, my office is stocked with pictures of her galore. Each day I feel a little stronger and being away is a little easier.

One thing that my husband and I do NOT see eye to eye on, is a sleep schedule. What has been working while I was on maternity leave is me doing the nighttime feed and change, and me doing the middle of the night feed and change, and me doing the morning feed and change (notice a trend here). Well, the husband wants to keep it that way (obviously), and I'm trying to let him know that since we are both working full time, that we need to share the responsibilities of night time feedings.

My first option was co-sleeping. I found that to be really simple and easy. Ian got his way of not wanting to wake up, I got my way of getting some extra sleep, and Sophia enjoyed her on demand feed schedule. Well, after about 2 glorious nights of this, Ian finally lets me know that he absolutely does NOT want me to co-sleep. His worry was that I would roll over and suffocate our child. That IS a scary thought, but I had it under control. With that being said, the whole argument of co-sleep or not co-sleep came up. I did my quick research online, and asked him if he could find any recent cases online of someone suffocating their child by rolling over them. I told him the chances of that was less than her getting into an auto accident. (OK, I had no proof of this, but it sounded good).

I did also ready that co-sleeping helps regulates your childs breathing pattern, and they are less likely to suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea actually causes your child to stop breathing in their sleep. (Again, everything I am saying here were taken from non-primary resources, so don't take my word for it).

But, I do want to take how my husband feels seriously, so I will not be co-sleeping per say. We came up with a compromise:
If Sophia wakes up in the middle of the night, Ian will go get her from her crib, and give her to me. I will then set 2 alarms 15 minutes apart, cosleep/nurse switch sides after the first 15 minute alarm, and then after the next 15 minute alarm I will put her back into her crib.

This solution gets me a few extra minutes of sleep. I don't fall into a deep sleep in 15 minutes, so I feel comfortable that she is safe.

Having a family is all about compromise! I hope this gives me more sleep and makes me less cranky! :)

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