Thursday, November 3, 2011

MIA mommy

So I've been dropping the ball the past few days. This week marked my first FULL week back at work, and it has been eventful! Between tryin to work out a feeding schedule, sleep schedule, squeezing in dinner, laundry and a shower between the hours of 6pm and 10pm, it has been much more difficult than I have imagined.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post that goes through these past few days, and how I've managed to come out alive....or better yet....awake.....

If you are a working mother, what is your advice on how to get more sleep during the work week, but get the housework done, and spend time with your little one and husband too?


Anonymous said...

Get a maid...saved my life!

Ashley and Jeff said...

Aww, first week back is tough. It doesn't get that much easier. Especially as she just gets cuter and more fun!

The maid is a good idea for Christmas. We had one for a few months when I went back. It helped me get my life in order and then I created a chore list for me and Jeff so we each knew what we had to do every weekend.

The Millikans said...

Maid is a great idea! Now to convince the husband!

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