Friday, November 25, 2011

Being Mom: A Purseless Christmas

First off, let me say that I skipped Black Friday mid-night shopping for the first time in AGES. In past years I would gear up with my winter coat, and coffee, and make the trek out to the stores from midnight to 6am. It was almost a habit of mine, and I enjoyed it each year!

This year things were a little different. Having a 4 month old meant I had to cut back some of my midnight shopping, or actually cut it out all together. Ian usually goes out with me and acts as my "wing man." He would drop me off at my favorite store and handle the car parking (which I am always so impatient for). He also would come into each store and start waiting in line, so that by the time I was done shopping I would be ready to check out. (I hate waiting in lines).... I have a pretty great husband, don't I?

This year, we considered taking our girl out with us. 4 months is a pretty portable age. I can stick her in a stroller or the baby carrier and she is content, but in the end I didn't want to deal with the hassle of diaper changes, messing up her schedule, and the cold weather. So, no black Friday midnight shopping for me. However I DID go to one store, a store I always go to, and that is Kate Spade. They have a great black Friday sale at the outlets where EVERYTHING is 50% off, and this year they were opening at 10pm. I did my usual Wednesday stalk, where I go in and see what I would want to buy, so that day of, I can grab it and go.

Thursday came, and Ian, baby, and I were on our way. I walked into Kate Spade exactly at 10pm (along with 70 or so other ladies) and I picked up my items, all of them were gifts for other people.... Ipad covers, make up bags, etc. Well I started wandering off the beaten path (ie. starting to look at purses that I had no business looking at). I would try them on, feel them, look at me holding them in the mirror. I looked around and saw 70 other women doing the same, some with 5-10 bags in their arms checking out. Then I got a little sad. Would I buy a $200 purse and actually use it these days? I have my Kate Spade diaper bag, and whenever I go out, I throw diapers, wipes, change of clothes, a toy or two, and BARELY have room for just my wallet. There is NO way I was going to bring a WHOLE separate purse out with why bother buying a nice purse.

Now that I'm a mommy, I feel enslaved to my diaper bag (which is pretty stylish....), but I remember back to those carefree days where I could buy new purses each Christmas and birthday...are these days gone forever??

Purseless this Christmas.....


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Cat said...

You'll get your purse back! After baby #2 was born, I swapped my diaper bag (ugly) for a cute, HUGE purse and just stashed essentials in there. And now that baby girl is 1, I just keep a separate tote in the car for emergencies and I'm back to carrying just a purse. Now, though, I'm finding it impossible to decide on the proper size. I still carry enough baby stuff to need something a little larger - but it's murder on my back :p. Anyway, don't despair! You'll get those handbags back before you know it :)

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