Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Rant: I need space!

I don't like complaining. I love being a mom, and I dont' mind the extra hassles and new struggles being a mom brings. But, sometimes it's nice to talk about some of those struggles to see if anyone else relates. Plus it allows me to get it off my chest, and laugh about it, so here goes! :)

So, today I took Sophia out to run a couple errands. Mom decode: going to 2-3 stores for an hour or two, and needing about an hour to prepare for the trip. (Bottles, diapers, change of clothes, timing the last feed, getting the stroller ready, etc.)

Well, I had some issues today that I need to rant about! First, I'm in the fitting room at Ross, and out of the 10 fitting rooms,there was one large fitting room, and 9 smaller fitting rooms. Well, some lady all by her lonesome is in the large fitting room, and the 9 other rooms are empty! So, me, and my tugboat stroller, are left waiting for her to finish so I could actually fit my child in the room with me while I changed. So after 10 minutes of waiting I was tired of "talking" to my child "OK Sophia, we have to wait for the big room since we REALLY need it" to which the lady did not take a hint, so eventually I surrendered had to go into a small room and change with the door open with the stroller stuck in the doorway.

Then, in the next store, Kohls, it was about the time where Sophia was crying and needed to be changed and fed. Off to the bathroom I went. There were 6 regular stalls, and 1 big stall. NONE of the regular stalls were being used, but the big stall was occupied. REALLY...really? Why do people do this? I thought about it, and I guess it's sort of like if you were waiting to get on an airplane, and they said "OK folks, you can choose (for no charge) to sit in First Class, Business, or Coach" Of course you're going to choose First Class right?" Sigh...but really... the toilets ARE THE SAME SIZE. Okay, so you get 2 extra feet of empty space, what are you going to use it for if you are not handicapped, or don't have a large boat like stroller? Are you going to dance around in it?
I need the big stall to fit my stroller in, to use the changing table, so I waited again...
I thought, maybe it IS someone else with a stroller, or maybe a handicapped person (a very legitimate reason to use the large stall), but no, it was a single young (skinny) woman.

Okay, I think I'm done with my Thursday rant. I Marian, will never take the big stall, or the big changing room, when it's just me, by myself. :)

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