Monday, September 12, 2011

The Rainstorm Portraits

I'm the type of person that if I bring an umbrella out, it wont rain, but if I don't bring an umbrella, I find myself stuck in a rainstorm.
Well, today I was smart, it was ALREADY raining, and I was heading out with Sophia for some quick Sear portraits, meeting up with my parents coming in from out of town. I was going to outsmart my bad rain Karma, and bring an umbrella. Surely it would stop raining once I got in the car but I would have my umbrella!
I venture out with Sophia in tow, and the rain gets stronger and stronger. You would of thought I was driving in a hurricane! Once I get to Sears it's raining so bad, and my appointment was in 5 minutes, I had to think fast.
I parked as close as possible (about 25 feet from the entrance) and thought out my strategy. I somehow had to get myself, my child in her carseat, my stroller (which I would have to uncollapse from the trunk) and my photo props into the mall. Okay, so I knew I wasn't going to make that happen without things getting wet, but hopefully I could control HOW wet they get. First, since I was so close to the entrance, I would get the stroller uncollapsed put the props in it and over to the door of the mall. I knew I couldn't manage snapping my carseated child into the car seat without her gettng soaked, so I figured if I did this fast, and because I was only 25 feet away from her I would be okay. So I held my breath (I don't know why I did that) and jumped out of the car, opened the truck, pulled out the stroller, popped it open, and raced it to the entrace of the mall under the roofed area. Then, I ran back to the car and jumped into the backseat to catch my breath (again, I don't know why I held my breath). When I looked back at my stroller I was in horror, STUPID me forgot to put the brake on and there it went down the ramp, and through the parking lot, into the rainstorm. So much for trying not to get it too wet. I had to chase it, which left me AND the stroller soaked. I then tossed a blanket over my childs carseat and ran her into the mall.

I think only mothers can relate to the effort and exhaustion it takes just to plan for a situation like this. I deal with it everytime I drive anywhere, do I bring JUST the carseat in? Do I bring just the child in with the baby bjourn? Do I bring the whole stroller in? How long am I going to be in the store, does it justify the strength I need to pop open the stroller? Do I even have the strength to pop open the stroller? Ok, I've decided.... I'm going to go home and try this later. STORY OF MY LIFE.

Anyways,the portrait session itself went well! We had some cute pictures taken and Sears did a good job. However, today was officially Sophia's first bad hairday, thanks to the rainstorm, and I have pictures to help me remember! :)

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