Monday, September 26, 2011

The Nursery

I've always dreamed of what my baby's nursery would look like. Therefore I spent many hours trying to figure out the exact color combination, the perfect bedding, and decorations for my little girl.

Well, after months of research I found the perfect bedding. After hundreds of saved pages and shops on my bookmarks tab on my computer, and endless trips to the baby store to take a look at what they had displayed, I had chosen a set!

I've always wanted to do pink for a girl, and I've always wanted to paint the room two colors with chair rail in between. Lucky for me Ian agreed to put up the chair rail, under one condition, I couldn't do dark pink and light pink as my two colors for the walls. (Apparently that would be too much pink for him).So, after go back and forth, I decided on brown and pink. I thought the colors would really compliment the bedding and furniture.

The furniture was something I had picked out over a year ago. Yes, I was one of those girls that frequented the baby shops without having a child or being pregnant, but I was so excited to eventually have a child, I figured there was no harm in looking. There is (was) a cute baby furniture shop in town, and when I was out running errands I would stop and "browse." I decided on the babydream brand since they had the crib gate, which would allow me to bend over and pick up baby easier (and this type of gate was not recalled with the latest recall back in June). This gate only partially dropped down, which allows short people like me the ability to reach in with ease, safely.

The other big decision was the closet. I told Ian last Christmas, that all I wanted him to get me was a baby closet. (This was before we even knew we were expecting). So he built one! I chose green and white as the color combination since I figured I could reuse the closet accessories if we were having a boy or a girl. I think it turned out perfect.

SO, without any further are some pictures of our finished nursery. Now, I just need to courage to move baby Sophia from our room to the nursery....

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Mandy said...

SO adorable!!!!

Mrs.JSM07 said...

I LOVE IT!! Sophia is one lucky little girl. ;)

Marian do you want to help me decorate my little girls nursery? I'm still looking for ideas...

...Yvonne said...

you already know that I love this room... well done Marian :) Looks even more awesome in person hehe

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