Thursday, June 16, 2011

30 Weeks

Man, 30 weeks. I feel like this is a milestone week. I'm now down to a countdown that involves a single digit weeks!! I'm at the stage now where I'm nervous about going into labor, and the actual birth. I heard that at about 37-39 weeks you are over it, and just want your baby out! So, hopefully I'm not as nervous then.

Funny story I forgot to mention last week. I was in a Christmas store, you know the stores that sell all Christmas ornaments and decorations. Well, I walked in, and turned to Ian and said "you know, this Christmas is going to be so different, yet so amazing.... we're going to have a baby girl!" and then the tears came. I just started crying in the middle of the Christmas store! How embarrassing!! These hormones are starting to get to me, seriously.

Also this week, Ian has decided that baby girl needed to start listening to some classical music. So, he downloaded a mix, and has me play it on the ipod to my stomach each day. It's funny though because she will be hyper and moving around, and I'll put the music on and she will stop. It may just be a coincidence, but I like to think that the music soothes her to sleep, and that I can use this method once she's here. (I know what all you current mothers are thinking....yeah right!!!) Oh well, I can only hope right?

Weeks: 30 weeks
Weight Gain: 16 lbs (I think I'm a little under, but I've seriously noticed a huge pick up in the amount of food I'm eating, I'm sure I'll be gaining a few pounds this week for sure!)
Belly: 37.5 inches
Sleep: Better! I stopped using the body pillow. I think I was in pain because I was latched onto the body pillow, and I didn't move all night.
Food Cravings: Watermelon!
Food Aversions: Lettuce, tomato based things (Gives me bad heart burn!)
Best Movement: I actually felt her stretch this week for the first time. It was crazy! I felt a jab on each side of my stomach. That was definitely a first!
Symptoms: Back to being exhausted. Similar to the end of the 1st trimester beginning of the 2nd. I also get bored easily when I'm just sitting, and for some reason when I get bored I get sad/depressed. Darn Hormones! I've learned to focus my attention to online baby articles, and of course, online shopping/browsing.
Belly Button: Still in! I don't think it's going to pop (thank goodness). I love my belly button in!
What I miss: being able to turn over without having the brace myself, and being able to get up off the couch without being somewhat out of breath.
Best moment this week: Moving the office furniture out of the soon to be nursery, and putting the blue painters tape up!
What I’m looking forward to: seeing the painted nursery, and painting baby girls letters to put up on her wall. (still not saying what the name is yet!)

Here are some pictures of the nursery project. It should be completed by the first week of July!




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