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Hi, my name is Marian, and I’m an Etsyholic. Yes, I’ll admit, I can spend what seems like 5 minutes on this website, and realize it has been over an hour. The things you can get made, and the depth of skill and craft knowledge on this site is intense! Plus, I really feel like I’m helping the economy, America, stay at home moms with side businesses, and it makes me feel good. In addition, I can get things that are customized to my tastes, for the same or even cheaper than some retail stores.
I forewarn you, once you go to Esty, you get addicted, so if you don’t have time, or money to spend on super cute craft items, you may not want to read on.

This weeks purchase: VIRGINIA TECH ITEMS
So, ever so often I’ll search “Virginia Tech” and see what pops up, or “Virginia Tech Baby” to narrow down the list. Well, I’ve gotten to the point where I can look up anything and type College next to it, and there are people out there who make pretty much anything in either your college colors, or with official material from your college. You wont believe my surprise when I stumbled across these 2 shops, and I could not resist! I had to ask them if they would do a custom order with Virginia Tech material and they did. See my current weeks purchases!!

Boppy Slipcover
So, my dear friend Alia got me the most amazing gift, the Boppy. The Queen of all pregnancy pillows, pretty much a staple on all registries, and all homes with an infant. I know I’m going to get a lot of use of out this! Well, the covers they sell at babies r us are like $26. So I registered for one at first, but then I notice that people on Etsy custom make covers for around the same price. Score!
So I found this shop: Pitter Patter Bliss
I received this in the mail this week and LOVE it. I put it on my boppy right away. I know have 2 covers, one that says “sweet pea” that came with the boppy, and one Virginia Tech cover. You really need 2, because if it gets spit up or pooped on, you need a back up. SO, thanks to Alia, and to Etsy I have the perfect pillow, and a replacement cover that will see many days in front of the TV watching VT games. GO HOKIES!

If you want to order, tell Chelsea that you want the VT slipcover Marian purchased 

Bumbo Cover
What is a Bumbo you might ask? A Bumbo is a positioning chair. You stick your baby in it when it can’t sit up on it’s own, and voila, your baby is sitting up, can’t get out, and you have a tray where you put some toys etc. Pretty much a nice little entertainment area. You can take it easily on trips, or over to friends houses. Thanks to Yvonne who gave me the Bumbo chair and tray as a gift off my registry! I was so excited to get it.
Well, I registered for the pink color, because at the store they only had pink or blue as an option (you still may be able to get green and yellow online). Since we’re having a girl, I choose pink. I wondered what I would do if I had a second kid and it was a boy. These chairs are expensive, so I was not buying another one, so my potential future boy would just have a pink chair. But there was a solution!!
There is a shop on Etsy that sells Bumbo covers! Boutique Sweet Cheeks
I’ve never seen them in the store, but, these covers are great because your baby’s chubby thighs can sweat and get stuck in the leg section of the positioner (the chair is made out of a hard plastic sponge material) and the cover allows the chair to be a little more comfortable.
So, I bought a Virginia Tech Bumbo cover to match my Virginia Tech Boppy Cover. It came last week, and it looks perfect! I couldn’t be happier.

If you want to order, tell Laura that you want the VT cover that Marian purchased 

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