Monday, August 22, 2011

Potty Time

So, it's been a running joke that Sophia likes to poop and pee on Ian when he's changing her. She likes to hold in some extra just for the occasion, and seems to time it perfectly. Ian has concluded that this could only mean she is ready to be potty trained. Even though he was joking, he brought up the idea of putting her on the potty the other day. (Sunday August 14th to be exact) I told Ian he was crazy, and that if he dropped her into the toilet I would kill him.

When he asked for my help that morning, I figured I'd let him have his moment, and help him (my sole purpose was to make sure my child did not get injured during this attempt). Ian held her under her arms, and I held her litle legs up and out a little. Ian then firmly told her "Sophia, go potty!" and lo and behold, 3 seconds later, she peed in the potty. My 2 and a half week old pee peed in the potty!

Granted, this was probably just a coincidence, and I may have wiffed a little bit of cold air towards her, but the end result is she did it! We will always remember this memory. And, to keep our memory of this, we have the following picture. Notice Sophia is holding up her #1 finger, as if she is saying "I WENT #1!"

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