Saturday, June 21, 2014

Linen closet organization

I'm back at it, trying to organize my house and my life one room...or closet at a time. For MONTHS I've been wanting to clean up my child's/guest bathroom linen closet. Everytime I'd walk in and shove towels away I'd shudder at how disorganized it was. Then I'd shut the door and run away. "If I don't look at it long, it doesn't exist"....

I'd find myself using the same 2 towels, washing them and using them again because the closet was so disorganized I could not even see the other 5 kids towels I had in there. Subconsciously I kept telling myself "must buy more towels" because I didn't know what I had. A thing I learned about organizing my possessions is I actually spend less because i know what I have, and I use what I have.

 I went to my favorite store ever...the dollar tree. I actually laughed out loud because a sweet little old lady at the register next to me stated "dollar tree is my favorite store ever!" I picked up 9 baskets/buckets for a whopping total of $9.48 and was on my way.

I whipped out my trusty old Cricket and started labeling away. I wanted to differentiate my daughters sheets, from my sons, from the guest room sheets. I guess it's odd I labeled one teeth care instead of oral care, but my daughter knows the word teeth/tooth and I wanted to be able to show her how things are organized in the closet.

I think it turned out pretty good. It was a nap time project, which is the only hour and a half I get to do anything uninterrupted sometimes. Here's to getting things crossed off my to do list!



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