Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 17

Happy 17 weeks! And happy March 15th! (Tax deadline #1). Today was a good day. Work has been exhausting, but I think it's more so the fact that I'm pregnant, because I really only worked 8 hours today, and then went to our deadline party for 2 hours.
My belly has finally poked out. It's pretty obvious now (at least to me). I walk by a mirror and catch a glimpse of myself out of the corner of my eye, and I have to stop, stare, and rub my belly. It's insane on the difference a week makes!
Also, baby is moving around like crazy. Apparently it can see light now, and so we did the flashlight test. Ian shined a flashlight on my belly, and I held the heart rate monitor to my stomach, and we could her the little thing flip over, and move around. It's insane! (I told Ian if our kid comes out blind, I will blame him, AND his flashlight.)

Here is my update so far! Take care everyone!

Weeks: 17 weeks
Weight Gain: 3/4 lbs. Hello belly! Where the heck did this come from? It's like I woke up Friday morning and there it was!
Belly measurement: 31.5"
Sleep: only about 6/7 hours a night right now because of work
Food Cravings: Juice, fruit, and pizza (which is odd because I usually hate pizza), and Rita's Italian ice! (yum!)
Food Aversions: nothing, I love all food! lol (always have!)
Movement: This baby is moving a lot! Usually when I'm sitting on the couch, sitting at my desk at work, or lying in bed. I can feel little flutters or little bubbles... it's hard to describe! Ian and I actually felt the heartbeat the other night when we pressed down on my stomach...is that creepy or what?
Symptoms: Terrible back aches. However, Ian has made an appointment for me April 3rd for my first prenatal massage, and promised I could get one once a month there after. (what an awesome hubby!) He probably just wants me to stop complaining!
Belly Button in or out: still in
What I miss: fitting into my pre-pregnancy pants without feeling like I'm going to cut off circulation of my stomach! I'm still too small for maternity pants, but too big for regular pants, and the bella band is getting annoying...sigh....
Best moment this week: Getting a phone call from Weebsworld saying that our highchair was in! Woo hoo!
Weekly Wisdom: Keeping your house clean everyday by picking up little things after you use them, is a lot easier than waiting until the house looks like a tornado ran through, and then arguing with your significant other on why they need to help you clean. (my cleaning spurts happen more and more now that I'm preggers).


Mandy said...

oh you're so cute!

Mrs.JSM07 said...

YAY!! I'm glad you are doing well and that you love Rita's... Maybe now we might run into each other!! :D

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