Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm back...for now

Okay, so I've kind of left this blog high and dry, but that's okay, I can make a comeback right?
A lot has happened since the last blog (ages ago). I switched jobs in January 2009 and am now a tax accountant working for Cherry, Bekaert & Holland. I survived my first tax season, days filled with 12 hour work days, class, and studying. It was hell, but worth it!
I graduated with my degree/certificate in Accounting May 2009. Instead of walking graduation, I was on a plan to Hawaii. Hawaii was a trip Ian and I had been planning for the past year as a reward for surviving tax season, and just needing a getaway in general. We spent 11 days in beautiful Oahu-Waikiki. I had a detailed itinerary down to the minute of where to be when. We managed to stick to the tinerary, and got more done than was scheduled. It was a great trip! We hung out with one of our friends from college, Garrett, since he lives on the island. It was so nice seeing him, and having him take us to some of his favorite places.
Highlights of the trip include, seeing Garrett, The Hole in the wall food tour, a beach photography session, a Luau, an outrigger ride, LOTS of food, a Hummer tour around famous movie and TV show sites, and too many to name. I kept a journal each day. It's handwritten, so maybe one day I will be able to put it online and post it. If you are heading to Hawaii, shoot me an e-mail. I can send you my itinerary and note the places that we loved!
After coming home from Hawaii, it was back to reality. The truth was that I had to sit for the CPA exam, and my review class was starting. This is the test that we accountants dread the most. It's a 4 part exam, that pretty much sucks the life out of you. I enrolled in Becker, which is the only live CPA review class out there. It would allow me to review for the exam, and hopefully pass all 4 parts before Thanksgiving. I'm on part one, Financial. My review classes finished up and I have one more week to finish preparing before I sit for part one. So there, that is why I have been so MIA. The exam is kicking my butt, and it is so hard to stay focused and remember everything I've reviewed. Please pray for me. I definitely do not want to take this section again!

On a happier note, we added a new member to our family, Lexus Millikan. She is our second Italian Greyhound, and besides potty training , she has been a blessing! She is now4 months old, and weighs 4.8 lbs. She is a lot smaller than our other Italian Greyhound Beamer, but they play so well together! We've always wanted two dogs, and it's actually been pretty easy to have 2. They entertain each other, and they love sleeping right next to each other. I hope it's like that with 2 kids. Highly dobutful!
On this note, I am going to sign off. Please pray that I never have to take the Financial section of the CPA exam again!

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