Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Festivities

Okay, I will try to be better with this blog. Things have been crazy! This semester has been very difficult class wise, but I'm almost done. (The light is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel!)

Halloween was a blast. I started off going to work (a typical Friday) and left early to attend Paige Elizabeth Alleys 1st birthday party. She was too cute. Icing smashed all over her face. She is just the cutest little thing! Paige is Ian's cousins Matthew and Amanda's first child.

That evening we had invited over the Brusters, Nixon/Alejandros, and the Huangs, and had a potluck dinner and scary moviefest. We handed out candy and dressed Beamer up in crazy costumes, and stayed up chatting. The movie of choice was "Cherry Falls" a movie with Brittany Murphy filmed in Ians high school his sophomore year.

This was the first time I've ever gave out halloween candy. I mean physically giving out candy myself. It was such a treat! Although at points I was almost mobbed by 4 year olds, I think I did well for myself. I saw super heros, princesses, bugs, and monsters. I think my favorite costume was this little boy dressed up as a mad scientist. It was so cute!

Since we live in a new built neighborhood we didn't get as many kids, but that was expected. I think I counted about 25. We were able to meet a bunch of our neighbors though, so that was great!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. As some of you may not know, a friend of ours passed away. Allison Bruster Bragg was a great friend to many, and sister of Alex Bruster, Ian's best friend. She was 27 and passed away in her sleep. The funeral is tommorow, and everyone is ready to get together and share all of the happy fun moments they've had, mourn her loss, but also to celebrate her life. She is going to greatly missed. She leaves behind a Husband, and 3 children. Allison has lead a great life filled with so much love from many people. I know she is looking down on us and smiling.

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Mandy said...

your dog is so cute! love the outfit!. I'm glad you had a great Halloween, I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's friend's sister passing. That must be really hard- esp. since she was so young! I hope her family and friends have peace.

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