Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Blogging Begins!

We are extremely excited to begin as "bloggers" here on our own site. We hope that our friends and family will be able to catch up on our lives, and share our memories, as we all realize how busy life gets.

We are finishing up an extremely busy summer. I have finished my Summer Session at VCU, and both Ian and I start back up with our Fall classes next Monday.

We updated some things in our house, such as painting the kitchen (finally) and added a deck (see below). Ian and his father worked on our deck for 3 weeks. We added the portion you see on the left, as well as the pop out for the grill.

The first week of June we traveled to Arkansas to watch my beautiful cousin get married. My sister Melissa and I were bridesmaids, and we had such a wonderful time! The church was absolutely gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as my cousin Amber! I was so happy to be reunited with the other half of my family, and to be a part of Ambers special day!

We added a new member of our Family this June. He is an Italian Greyhound named Beamer! (As you can see, you can take the grads out of Blacksburg, but you cannot take the Blacksburg out of the grads!). Beamer has been SUCH a blessing. Born on March 21, 2008, he is almost 5 months old, and has been so great to watch grow. I have already taught him to sit, shake, lie down, and rollover. He's super smart and learns quickly. (I think he gets that from me) :)
On June 30th we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Ian took me to Ruths Chris Steakhouse, where we enjoyed a wonderful meal, and then came home to watch our wedding video, look at our wedding albums and create portion 1 of our anniversary video diary. In case you are wondering what that is, each year on our anniversary we video tape ourselves explaining what went on during the past year, the new things that have happend. We also take this time to predict what will happen by next year, 5 years, and 10 years. It will be funny to look back on these videos and see how many things we were correct or incorrect about! We enjoyed eating the top tier of our wedding cake. Cakes by Graham did a great job making the cake, that 1 year later it tasted just as wonderful!
This August was my 24th birthday. Man! The years are starting to fly by! My sister and Dee came to visit for my birthday festivities, and took me out to Firebirds steakhouse, where we had dinner, followed by some bar hopping in downtown Richmond. Including 3 monkey's bar (see the picture below for the 3 monkey's reenactment.)

That pretty much catches everyone up on summer. Ian and I head to Chapel Hill next weekend for Andrew Huangs wedding (actually its Dr. Andrew Huang). We look forward to next weekend and seeing the new Saira Huang and welcoming her to Richmond!! :)
Stay tuned.....

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mandy said...

Happy Anniversary!
NICE deck! that must have taken a lot of work- i really like the built-in section you have for your grill

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